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Mentor Foster Parents Featured in Herald News

Therapeutic Foster CareNanci Fiddes, a Mentor foster parent for Massachusetts MENTOR, was highlighted recently in The Herald News for being a caregiver-turned-mother for a young brother and sister. Fiddes, 66, has two biological children now in their 40s and with lives of their own. To fill the void of “hearing the pitter-patter of little feet” in their home, she and her husband, David, began their journey as foster parents and focused on supporting older youth who were close to aging out of the system.

The Fiddes hosted nine young adults through Massachusetts MENTOR’s Therapeutic Foster Care program before learning about young Davien and Kryssa, ages 2 and 3, respectively. After three years of providing care as the siblings’ foster parents, the Fiddes adopted Davien and Kryssa.

“It’s wonderful,” Nanci told the The Herald News. “Just to hear them laughing and running around and having so much fun; it just makes you feel great.”

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