The MENTOR Network

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month 2018

March is National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, a time to educate our communities on the needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and reflect on the progress made toward improving quality of life for them.

We’re committed to raising awareness in our communities and among our elected officials about the needs of people with disabilities to ensure that they have a voice, while delivering our mission to develop newer and more innovative services for the people we support.

See How We’re Celebrating

We celebrate this month by continuing the work we do each day to help people of all abilities build rich, meaningful lives. As we do each week of the year through our DSP of the Week campaign, we honor our talented and caring direct support workforce. We celebrate the caring Host Home providers who work tirelessly for the people we support. And each day we look to the future, seeking to make communities more inclusive, accessible and full of opportunity for everyone who calls them home.

View our slideshow below to learn more about The MENTOR Network’s commitment to improving quality of life for individuals with disabilities.