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Three Network State Leaders Elected to ANCOR Board of Representatives

The MENTOR Network is pleased to announce that three of its state leaders have been elected to the Board of Representatives of the American Network of Community Options & Resources (ANCOR). Courtney Walsh, Executive Director of REM West Virginia, Knute Rotto, Executive Director of Indiana MENTOR, and Bianca Allegro, State Director of Delaware MENTOR, now represent their respective states on the Board of Representatives.

ANCOR is the national association representing providers of community-based services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Its Board of Representatives is composed of members from each state, elected to represent the interests of their state’s providers.

“The MENTOR Network is pleased to have members of its state leadership teams serve on ANCOR’s Board of Representatives,”  said Jon Fisher, President of The Network’s Community Support Services Operating Group. “We are committed to working with our partners like ANCOR across the country to shape policy and ensure that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have access to innovative, high-quality services that help them thrive.”