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The MENTOR Network Expands Services in California and Nevada, and begins offering services in New Mexico and Idaho

The MENTOR Network welcomed more than 1,300 new team members in early July with the integration of multiple programs from Embassy Management LLC: Aacres in California and Nevada, SL Start and Aspire in Idaho, and Creative Work Solutions in New Mexico. Individuals served through the programs transitioned with their care teams to The MENTOR Network family.

“Embassy’s high quality care standards and strong values have allowed the company to create a lasting impact in communities across the Southwest,” said William McKinney, Chief Executive Office of The MENTOR Network. “We look forward to serving more people and families in California and Nevada, and expanding our high-quality, community-based services to communities in New Mexico and Idaho.”

Since its founding, Embassy has emphasized dignity, accountability, and respect in all its programs, specializing in the development of innovative, individualized programs for the communities it serves.

“We recognize the immense skill and expertise across these programs and look forward to learning form one another,” McKinney added.

With programs now in New Mexico and Idaho, The MENTOR Network currently has 35,000 team members serving 50,000 individuals in 40 states.