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The MENTOR Network Celebrates 20th Anniversary of the Olmstead Decision

On June 22, 1999, the Supreme Court ruled in Olmstead v. L.C. that, under the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals with disabilities have the right to live in the setting and community of their choice. This week we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Olmstead decision, which requires states to provide community-based supports and residential programs to individuals with disabilities.

The MENTOR Network and its partners believe that people of all abilities deserve the opportunity to live, work and thrive in the community of their choosing. Beginning in the 1960s, Network partner REM led the effort to move individuals out of institutions and into community-based programs. Since then, we have helped people with a range of challenges shape the course of their own lives. We have worked to create more choices for people with disabilities through our host home programs, community-based residences (also known as group homes), hourly supports and day programs, enabling them to pursue goals and interests that are meaningful to them while participating actively in their communities. In the years to come, we look forward to working with states to further expand opportunities for individuals with disabilities and support them in building rich, independent lives.

Learn More and Get Involved

  • Learn more about the Olmstead decision and find out how well your state has implemented community-based supports in accordance with Olmstead.
  • Contact your elected officials and let them know you support efforts to make communities more accessible to individuals with disabilities.