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The MENTOR Network and Partners Celebrate 7th Annual National Volunteer Day

On Saturday, May 4, The MENTOR Network and its partners celebrated the organization’s seventh annual national Volunteer Day, with approximately 2,000 volunteers completing 80 service projects across the country. The volunteers included employees in 32 states as well as individuals served, foster parents, families and friends of The Network.

“As in past years, this year’s Volunteer Day was a success because of the extraordinary dedication our employees and other members of The Network family have to their communities,” said Bruce Nardella, President and CEO of The MENTOR Network. “Volunteer Day has become a wonderful tradition that I look forward to each year because it allows us to come together as an organization to make a meaningful difference in the communities we share.”

This year’s Volunteer Day participants turned out ready to beautify, clean up and give their support to organizations that serve people in need. Projects included:

  • Working at soup kitchens
  • Sorting and organizing clothing donations at shelters for individuals experiencing homelessness
  • Cleaning and beautifying homes for young men who have aged out of foster care
  • Cleaning up at local parks and playgrounds
  • Planting and weeding community gardens and farms that support food pantries

Partners of The MENTOR Network who participated in Volunteer Day included:

NeuroRestorative Arkansas

NeuroRestorative Arizona

California MENTOR

NeuroRestorative California

NeuroRestorative California

NeuroRestorative Colorado

Delaware MENTOR

Florida MENTOR

NeuroRestorative Florida

Georgia MENTOR

NeuroRestorative Iowa

REM Iowa

NeuroRestorative Illinois

Indiana MENTOR

NeuroRestorative Kentucky

NeuroRestorative Louisiana

The MENTOR Network

Massachusetts MENTOR

Massachusetts ADH

NeuroRestorative Massachusetts

MENTOR Maryland

NeuroRestorative Maryland

NeuroRestorative Maine

REM Minnesota

Missouri MENTOR

NeuroRestorative North Carolina

REM North Dakota

NeuroRestorative New Hampshire

NeuroRestorative New Jersey

New Jersey MENTOR

REM New Jersey

NeuroRestorative Nevada

REM Nevada



NeuroRestorative Rhode Island

South Carolina MENTOR

NeuroRestorative Tennessee

NeuroRestorative Texas

NeuroRestorative Utah

NeuroRestorative Virginia

REM Wisconsin

REM West Virginia

REM Community Options