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Rob Carolan Celebrates 25 Years with The MENTOR Network

This month, Rob Carolan, Office Associate for The MENTOR Network’s Boston office, celebrated his 25th anniversary as an employee of the organization.

Prior to working for The MENTOR Network, Rob was a participant in a neurorehabilitation program in Pennsylvania. He was involved in a serious car accident in 1979. “At the time, there were no rehabilitation programs of that kind in Massachusetts, so I went to Pennsylvania to participate in a program there,” said Carolan.

After completing the program, Rob returned to Massachusetts and began working for Alternatives for Independent Living. In 1992, that company became part of The MENTOR Network, and Rob has been a member of the MENTOR team ever since.

In those 25 years, the Boston office has moved locations—twice—and MENTOR has grown from a small operation to a national network that helps thousands of individuals across the country live full lives in the communities they call home. Through it all, Rob has been an integral part of the team. As Office Associate, he plays a crucial role in keeping the Boston office running smoothly. Rob ensures that the office is fully stocked and functioning properly, and he is always ready to lend a hand to make sure his coworkers get what they need. “He’s as reliable as clockwork,” said Adrienne Perdigao, Legal Department Administrator.

“The best thing about working here is the people,” said Carolan. “There is such a diverse group of quality people here at MENTOR.”

“Rob is motivated and motivates others,” said Joy Kruppa, Vice President of Organizational Development and Talent Management. Joy started her career with The MENTOR Network in 1990, and she has worked with Rob for years. “He takes pride in his work and in this office.”

He also makes sure that everyone is in good spirits. Every day, Rob finds time in his busy schedule to make the rounds with trivia questions for the entire office. Each department eagerly awaits these daily visits. With his constant encouragement, keen sense of humor, and infectious laugh, Rob never fails to brighten moods and elicit smiles.

“Rob is like the mayor of MENTOR! He welcomes every new employee and gets to know them personally and professionally. He’s a great colleague and a great friend,” said Kruppa. “Whether he’s volunteering for Volunteer Day, stocking the desk for a new coworker, or bringing in homemade popovers from scratch to brighten someone’s day, Rob makes a difference every day.”

At his 25th anniversary party, the entire office came together to celebrate Rob’s extraordinary service and commitment to The MENTOR Network mission. When asked to say a few words, Rob responded with characteristic wit.

“The MENTOR Network has grown up a lot since I started working here. We don’t quite have as many parties as we used to,” he said. “The Network does such important work and serves individuals in need every day. It’s a great place to work. But I highly recommend the parties.”