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REM Ramsey Organizes Parade of Homes to Celebrate Frontline Staff

Recently, REM Ramsey in Minnesota organized a Parade of Homes to celebrate their direct support professionals and show team members just how much they are appreciated. Over the course of two days, they visited more than 70 group homes to cheer on their frontline staff.

Led by a group of 33 Area Directors, Program Directors and more, the parade group made signs, created a cheer, and had cookie cakes baked for every home on the parade route. They met bright and early to decorate their cars, don their REM Ramsey gear and protective equipment, and hand out pompoms and noisemakers. One Program Director even brought his drum corps gear to add to the festivities. With that, they set off to visit as many REM Ramsey homes as they could.

The parade surprised staff members at REM Ramsey’s group homes and thanked them for their incredible dedication and compassion for the individuals they serve. After a heartfelt word of thanks from Regional Director Chrissy Tauber-Bailey, the marchers sang their cheer and presented staff members with their cookie cake and a custom made yard sign reading, “To Our REM Superheroes on the Front Lines: We Graciously Thank You!” Some neighbors even joined in, and individuals in each home were thrilled by the visit as well.

“Being able to do this was one of the most amazing things I have ever participated in during my nearly 30 years with REM,” said Chrissy Tauber-Bailey. “I am honored to be part of such an amazing and committed group and to be able to show my gratitude for our incredible direct support professionals, program supervisors, nurses, and other frontline staff.”