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NeuroRestorative Keeps Return-to-Hospital Rates Low

Less than one percent of NeuroRestorative participants experienced a medical or other complication requiring rehospitalization last year, according to a continuous quality improvement study conducted by the organization’s Outcome Analysis team.  NeuroRestorative, a partner of The MENTOR Network, is the nation’s largest provider of community-based, post-acute rehabilitation services for people with brain and spinal cord injuries.

The data comes from a report titled “Hospitalization Rates in Post-hospital Care: 2014,” which shows that NeuroRestorative’s overall return-to-hospital rate was just less than 1 percent per 1,000 participant days last year. In addition, within the critical first 30 days following admission to a NeuroRestorative program, the rate was also less than one percent at just 0.12 per 1,000 participant days.

To place NeuroRestorative’s return-to-hospital rate in a broader national context, a study by the Dartmouth Atlas Project, evaluating readmission rates in more than 3,000 hospitals, found that one in eight Medicare patients were readmitted to the hospital within 30 days after returning home following surgery in 2010. Non-surgical patients were readmitted at a rate of one in six.

“This low rate of hospital readmission is due to NeuroRestorative’s ability to comprehensively manage a participant’s medical, rehabilitative and behavioral needs within its continuum of care,” said Dr. Gordon Horn, Ph.D., Deputy Director of National Clinical Outcomes Analysis for NeuroRestorative.

With staff that includes medical directors and nurses specially trained in brain injury management, NeuroRestorative’s medical oversight and intensity, therapeutic services, and daily supervision help participants remain stable following hospital discharge.

“NeuroRestorative is committed to providing high-quality, community-based services that help people rebuild their lives,” added Bill Duffy, President, NeuroRestorative. “This data speaks to the unwavering commitment of our team of highly trained professionals to help the people we serve build the skills needed to return to work, home and community life.”