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The MENTOR Network Welcomes Unique Options, Expanding Services for Individuals with Brain Injury in Michigan

The MENTOR Network is pleased to announce that it has welcomed Unique Options, a provider of vocational rehabilitation services for individuals with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in the state of Michigan.

“Unique Options has a compelling track record of helping the individuals they support achieve successful, long-term employment,” said Bruce Nardella, president and CEO of The MENTOR Network. “We are pleased to welcome the Unique Options team and the individuals they support.”

Founded in 2004 and located in Warren, Michigan, Unique Options supports more than 100 individuals in metropolitan Detroit through community-based programs focused on training and employment placements for individuals who have experienced a TBI. Supports include job coaching, job search skill development and job training through work experience in the community.

Unique Options will operate as part of NeuroRestorative within The MENTOR Network’s Specialty Rehabilitation Services (SRS) group. Made up of NeuroRestorative, CareMeridian and Mentis, the SRS group offers a broad range of medical care, therapy, behavior management and other supports that help individuals with brain and spinal cord injury and other serious neurological injuries and illnesses recover.

“Unique Options shares a belief with NeuroRestorative and The MENTOR Network that individuals with brain injury deserve and are capable of transitioning successfully into work that is meaningful to them. In welcoming Unique Options, we look forward to helping more individuals increase their independence so they may return to their lives in the community,” said Bill Duffy, President of Specialty Rehabilitation Services for The MENTOR Network.