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The MENTOR Network Welcomes Mentis Neuro Health

The MENTOR Network is pleased to announce that it has welcomed Mentis Neuro Health, a leading provider of specialty rehabilitation services (SRS) to individuals with brain injury in Texas and Ohio.

“Mentis is a high-quality provider, with clinical expertise and superior outcomes that make it an ideal fit with our SRS operations,” said Bruce Nardella, President and Chief Executive Officer of The MENTOR Network. “Mentis has demonstrated that its clinical model of care helps individuals served achieve reductions in disability levels and a higher quality of life.”

Founded in 2009, Mentis provides a full continuum of long-term residential, inpatient transitional and outpatient day services, including physical, vocational and speech therapies, cognitive rehabilitation, neuropsychology, 24-hour nursing and supportive living services. Mentis also offers a program designed especially for young people ages 16 to 21 with challenges such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke and brain tumors.

Mentis will continue to operate under its current name as part of The MENTOR Network’s Specialty Rehabilitation Services (SRS) group. Together with Network partners NeuroRestorative and CareMeridian, the SRS group offers a broad range of medical care, therapy, training, community integration and behavior management that help individuals with brain and spinal cord injury and other serious neurological injuries and illnesses recover.

“We are excited to welcome Mentis Neuro Health,” said Bill Duffy, President of Specialty Rehabilitation Services for The MENTOR Network. “With its history of providing high-quality services to people with brain and spinal cord injury, Mentis is an ideal fit for the Specialty Rehabilitation Services group.”

To learn more about Mentis Neuro Health, visit their website at