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The MENTOR Network Recognizes National Social Work Month

March is National Social Work Month, a time to celebrate the more than 600,000 social workers making a difference nationally and highlight the important, often unrecognized, work they do each day.

Social workers have an impact wherever there are people in need. From people with behavioral health and substance abuse challenges, to youth at risk, to elders and veterans in need, social workers step in to help them work through crisis and access the resources and supports they need. They’re also advocates for the people they serve, working to ensure equal opportunities and access to high-quality services for all.

Social workers are also an important part of the work The MENTOR Network and its partners do in their communities.

“Without social workers, The MENTOR Network could not carry out its mission. They are at the heart of that mission,” said Patti Maguire, Vice President of The MENTOR Network’s Child and Family Services Center of Excellence. “They are the counselors helping children and families in crisis find hope. They are the case managers helping ensure that elders and those with disabilities and complex medical challenges have the medical, emotional and social supports they need to live life to the fullest. On behalf of all of us at The Network, thank you for unwavering commitment to the people we serve.”

Learn more about social workers and national Social Work Month on the National Association of Social Workers website, and find out how you help raise awareness about the vital work social workers do in your own community.