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The MENTOR Network and Partners Celebrate 5th Annual National Volunteer Day

On Saturday, May 6th, The MENTOR Network and its partners celebrated the organization’s fifth annual national Volunteer Day, with nearly 2,500 volunteers completing 90 service projects across the country. This year’s volunteers included employees in all 35 states the Network operates in as well as individuals served, families, friends and foster parents of The Network.

“I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the great success of The Network’s fifth national Volunteer Day,” said Bruce Nardella, President and CEO of The MENTOR Network. “In just five years we have grown the event participation from 5 to 35 states. This is a milestone I am very proud of. It’s inspiring to see so many of our employees excited about giving back to the communities in which we live and work year after year.”

As in the past, this year’s participants embraced Volunteer Day with a passion to clean up, rebuild, beautify and otherwise give back to their home communities. Projects included:

  • Painting and gardening at parks, schools and Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Sorting donations at food banks and Goodwill stores
  • Lending hands at charitable fundraisers
  • Serving meals at soup kitchens
  • Making care packages for individuals experiencing homelessness and children entering foster care
  • Distributing safety helmets to support brain injury awareness
  • Doing barn work at therapeutic horse farms

“This day is very important to me because it shows the amazing impact we can make when we all come together to volunteer on one day. I’m proud to work alongside such dedicated individuals, and look forward to seeing how far this event will grow in the future!” said Nardella.

Partners of The MENTOR Network who participated in Volunteer Day included:
Alabama MENTOR
CareMeridian (California, Colorado, Nevada)
California MENTOR
Florida MENTOR
Georgia MENTOR
Indiana MENTOR
Massachusetts MENTOR
Missouri MENTOR
New Jersey MENTOR
Pennsylvania MENTOR
NeuroRestorative Arkansas
NeuroRestorative Florida
NeuroRestorative Illinois
NeuroRestorative Iowa
NeuroRestorative Kentucky
NeuroRestorative Lousiana
NeuroRestorative Massachusetts
NeuroRestorative Maryland
NeuroRestorative Maine
NeuroRestorative Michigan
NeuroRestorative New Hampshire
NeuroRestorative New Jersey
NeuroRestorative North Carolina
NeuroRestorative Rhode Island
NeuroRestorative Tennessee
NeuroRestorative Texas
NeuroRestorative Virginia
REM Iowa
REM New Jersey
REM Minnesota
REM Mississippi
REM Missouri
REM North Dakota
REM Ohio
REM West Virginia
REM Wisconsin
South Carolina MENTOR