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Family Centered Treatment Foundation Awarded Grant for Expansion of Family Centered Treatment® (FCT©) Model

The MENTOR Network is the Flagship Provider of FCT

In March, the Family Centered Treatment Foundation was awarded a $1.9 million Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration grant sponsored by the National Child Trauma Stress Network. The grant will be used to enhance and increase access to Family Centered Treatment® (FCT©), an evidence-based model of family preservation services.  The MENTOR Network is the flagship provider of FCT and counts the developers of FCT among the employees of its Child and Family Services Center of Excellence.

The MENTOR Network is pleased to learn that the Family Centered Treatment Foundation has received this award, which will enable more families of youth at risk to work through the challenges they are facing and stay together.

The MENTOR Network has offered FCT since 2009. William Painter, who now serves as Senior Director of Clinical Practice within The Network’s Child and Family Services Center of Excellence, led the development of FCT and has also served as a past president of the Family Centered Treatment Foundation.

“FCT has made a difference in the lives of many families,” said Bill Allen, Senior Vice President of Operations for The MENTOR Network’s Children & Family Services Operating Group. “We are privileged to provide support that helps them overcome the challenges they face as a family.”

Helping Families Move Forward Together

FCT treats the entire family, including parents, siblings and members of the child’s extended family, empowering them to make lasting positive changes and develop skills that can support them on their life journey. FCT is a cost-effective alternative to traditional out-of-home treatments, with a range of personalized supports including:

  • Individualized Service Plans
  • Case management
  • Counseling/behavioral therapy
  • Skills training
  • Trauma treatment
  • Medication management
  • Resource coordination
  • Crisis interventions

The MENTOR Network offers FCT in California, Maryland, Massachusetts and Ohio. Find a location near you offering FCT and other services for children and families.