The MENTOR Network

The MENTOR Network Celebrates Disability Employment Month

In October, The MENTOR Network recognized Disability Employment Month, a time to celebrate the strides made to ensure that individuals of all abilities have equal access to employment opportunities and the chance to succeed at work that makes use of their skills and talents.

It is also a time to raise awareness about the need to continue opening doors for individuals with disabilities to ensure that they have all the services, supports and opportunities to participate equally in the workforce.

Creating Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities

The MENTOR Network believes that every person has a unique contribution to make to the workplace and the natural strengths to succeed. Our vocational programs help individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities identify work opportunities that interest them as well as preparing them for work. Our staff help individuals who want to work in the community access the resources and develop the skills they need to do so. We are dedicated to helping people develop the independence and confidence they need to succeed at work that is meaningful to them.

View the slideshow below to learn more about how The MENTOR Network and its partners are helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities succeed in the workplace.