The MENTOR Network

Volunteer Day

At the MENTOR Network, community service is a way of life. Each spring, Network employees and individuals we serve come together for our annual Volunteer Day, a time when we give back to the communities in which we live and work.

Volunteer Day began in 2013, when five Network states decided to spend a day lending a hand in their communities. Local projects included beautifying parks, sorting donations at food pantries, painting schools and cleaning up Boys & Girls Clubs.

Over time, the project has grown significantly, as more and more employees wanted to give back in their own communities. In recent years, more than 3,000 volunteers have participated, including family members, friends and individuals served by Network programs.

Volunteer Day 2019

The MENTOR Network held its 7thAnnual Volunteer Day on Saturday, May 4, 2019. Approximately 2,000 volunteers in 32 states completed 80 service projects across the country. As in the past, this year’s participants embraced Volunteer Day with a passion to clean up, rebuild, beautify and otherwise give back to their home communities. Projects included:

  • Working at soup kitchens
  • Sorting and organizing clothing donations at shelters for individuals experiencing homelessness
  • Cleaning and beautifying homes for young men who have aged out of foster care
  • Cleaning up at local parks and playgrounds
  • Planting and weeding community gardens and farms that support food pantries

View Highlights Past Volunteer Days

The photos below show just a few of the impactful projects volunteers devoted their time to throughout the years. We invite you to take a moment and meet some of the committed individuals spending a day making their community a better place to live and work.