The MENTOR Network

Stop the Spread. Wear a Mask

The MENTOR Network’s mask policy:

All employees must use the appropriate mask as outlined below at all times in program and office locations or when working with an individual we support. Personal protective equipment (PPE), including surgical and N95 masks, will be supplied by MENTOR.

  • Surgical masks are required in all care settings or any setting where an employee interacts with an individual served.
  • N95 masks are required when working with an individual who is COVID-19 positive.
  • Personal cloth masks or surgical masks may be worn in all other work settings such as an office. Cloth masks are not considered PPE by the CDC but are recommended by current guidance to help prevent the spread of illness.

By taking basic precautions, we can help keep each other, the individuals we serve, and our families safe. Thank you for your commitment and for helping to stop the spread by wearing a mask.

*Based on current information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. How well a mask protects you from breathing in the virus likely depends on the fabrics used and how your mask is made. Learn more at

Click images below for printable masks for your program.