The MENTOR Network

DSP Recognition Campaign

Recognize a Deserving Direct Support Colleague!

One of the ways The MENTOR Network is highlighting and recognizing the great work of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), Life Skills Trainers (LSTs), Certified Nurses Assistants (CNAs), Personal Service Attendants (PSAs) and others in a direct support role at The Network is by highlighting a DSP of the Week on Facebook and on The MENTOR Network website throughout the year, and a DSP of the Day during DSP recognition month in September.

How it Works

The process is simple, with easily accessible forms and several options to submit. To get started please follow the steps below:

  1. DSPs are chosen by their manager or a manager from another program or function, such as Human Resources, Continuous Quality Improvement, etc.
  2. The manager who has chosen the DSP is responsible for sending the DSP of the Week Form to the DSP they have chosen (or directing the DSP they have chosen to the DSP of the Week Submission Form page to fill out and submit the required forms and a photo). These forms and a photo may alternatively be emailed to [email protected].
  3. Managers will be notified when their chosen DSPs are recognized on Facebook and The MENTOR Network’s website, so that they may share the good news with staff.

And don’t forget, this is an ongoing recognition program so there is no deadline and forms can be submitted at any time!

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