The MENTOR Network

Sammie Haider

Sammie works at REM North Dakota’s Minot Day Program. She has been a DSP for over four years. Sammie is highly innovative in finding ways to help the individuals in her program thrive. When one individual’s speech enhancement device malfunctioned, Sammie used online instructional videos to learn how to repair it herself. She then taught the rest of the staff to fix it as well, in case they found themselves in a similar situation.

Sammie also created a file folder game to help an individual train for his job. The game is designed to teach the individual how to properly stack sodas—a core responsibility of his position. After playing the game for a week, the individual markedly improved his skills and was able to excel at work. The activity has become a staple of the day program’s vocational supports. These are just some instances of Sammie’s innovative approach to care.