The MENTOR Network

Linda Renn

When visiting any program where Linda is working, you will find her talking to all the individuals, singing songs, assisting with showering and working on daily living skills. Linda encourages individuals to do chores and assists them when necessary. She has been available to other staff and supervisors when issues arise. She has told everyone that they can call her for assistance or guidance at any time. Linda volunteers to take individuals to medical appointments, as she knows their behaviors well and is able to support them when behavioral challenges arise.

“During Linda’s years of service, she has had a tremendously positive impact on the individuals she supports,” said Lisa Pakkebier, Executive Director of REM Iowa. “Her overall mission is one of person- centered support. Her actions are always what she believes to be in the best interest of the individual.”

When an individual with unique needs whom Linda supports needed to move to a different house, Linda offered to be part of the team to teach the new staff the best ways to interact with her. Linda participated in meetings with the new house staff to go over the individual’s needs and behaviors, as she struggles greatly with change. Linda took the individual to the home to get her used to the new surroundings and let her feel around the new area. She eventually opted to move to this house as a staff member so that she could assist in the difficult transition. With Linda’s help, the move went very smoothly.