The MENTOR Network

Diversity and Inclusion at The MENTOR Network

A Message from CEO William McKinney


Dear MENTOR Community,

The MENTOR Network is, at our roots, an organization focused on improving people’s opportunity to thrive in our communities. Fair and equitable treatment of our team members and those we serve is essential to our mission. As we listen to expressions of anger and frustration resulting from not only horrific events of racial injustice, but systemic racism across our country, we recognize the responsibility we have to take action and create meaningful, lasting change. These events come at a pivotal time for us as we’re taking a hard look at ourselves—at who we are as an organization, who we want to be, and where we are falling short. Diversity and inclusion is a big part of that tough conversation, and we are grateful for the community-wide dialogue our June 2 communication helped accelerate.

We recognize that our diversity goals need to have the same level of scrutiny, analysis and real-time adjustments as any other long-term goal, and that requires focused leadership and accountability. We are dedicating resources to this effort and are concentrating on the following goals with the participation of our workforce and other stakeholders as we look for future opportunities:

Re-Visit Our Core Values

It is not enough to say we do not tolerate discrimination in all of its forms; we must ingrain those principles in our core values so that they are inherent in everything we do. Values ensure that we as a team are working towards the same goals, supporting our mission and vision, shaping our culture, and driving decision-making. Values are meant to define how we treat each other and how we work together. We invited all 30,000 of our team members to participate in the conversation through focus groups and other avenues to foster a more inclusive culture based on a redefined set of values. Those who raised their hands represent a diverse group from across the country, and I thank them for taking the time to share their thoughts and opinions. We’ll be launching the results of this process later this summer, and it will provide an opportunity for all of us to discuss openly how we can progress over the coming months and years.

Improve Career Advancement

We are launching a new workforce management platform this fall to improve the candidate and employee experience and better support our teams through performance management, learning and development, and greater access to information and opportunities. As we launch this platform, we are committed to developing and achieving measurable goals around:

  •  Identifying and removing barriers that are preventing career growth among underrepresented groups;
  • Providing greater professional development opportunities with a focus on career advancement for underrepresented groups;
  • Amplifying our recruiting efforts to improve the representation of underrepresented groups, particularly in leadership positions; and
  • Enhancing accountability measures for leaders to hire, retain and advance underrepresented groups.

Develop a Multi-Year Plan

Diversity goals are being embedded in our strategic plan so we can hold ourselves accountable to constantly making progress. To ensure we meet these diversity goals, we are actively determining appropriate senior leadership to help develop a multi-year plan to improve diversity and inclusion within our organization and build stronger partnerships in the communities in which we work. The leader(s) of this critical work will help us further define our objectives and prioritize, unite and lead our efforts moving forward. 

Change will not happen overnight. I am confident that by working together, listening to each other, and dedicating the necessary resources, we can create lasting, positive change within our company and communities.

Best regards,

William McKinney, CEO
The MENTOR Network