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COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

MENTOR is committed to providing the latest information about vaccines. Visit this page regularly as it will be updated with resources including information for employees and how you can access information about vaccine eligibility in your state.

State Vaccination Opportunities

We have compiled a growing list of state and county websites with information about vaccine eligibility. Check out the full list here. We’ll continue to update the list as states publish updated vaccination plans.

Vaccine Info for Employees

Is the Vaccine mandatory for employees?
No, the vaccine is not mandatory at this time; however, we strongly encourage all eligible employees to get vaccinated to help keep you and the individuals we serve safe.
My state agency or health care provider told me they could give me the vaccine. Can I accept?
Yes! We strongly encourage you to take the vaccine as soon as it is available to you. You may be able to get vaccinated through your state or county health department, local pharmacy or primary care provider. You can find information about vaccine distribution efforts in your state here
Where can I get the vaccine?
  • Programs across The MENTOR Network are following the CDC’s recommendations and partnering with CVS, Walgreens, and other pharmacies to offer onsite clinics where you may be eligible to get a vaccine. You will be notified by your local operations leader when vaccinations are scheduled at your location.
  • Many states have expanded eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine, making it available through local health departments or other agencies. Click here to see if your state is offering the vaccine and if you are eligible to sign up.
How do I find out if there’s an onsite clinic at my program?
Your local program director will contact you when onsite clinics are scheduled at your facility and you are eligible to sign up.

Who decides who can get the vaccine?
  • The CDC issued recommendations on the order in which people should receive the vaccines. They have categorized the population into phases (1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b).
  • It is up to each state to determine who is eligible to receive the vaccine first. Most states have published vaccine eligibility information. We are tracking updates here.
How do I find out if I am eligible for the vaccine?
  • We have prepared a summary for each state here where you can check if you are eligible in your state or county.
  • Please note, this summary changes very frequently so please check back for updates.
Do I need to do anything before going to my scheduled vaccine clinic?
  • Once you have been contacted about signing up for the clinic, be sure your consent form is complete before going to the clinic.
  • There will be no charge for the vaccine but you may be asked for your insurance and pharmacy card to complete your paperwork so that the insurance company can be billed.
  • You are still eligible to receive the vaccine even if you do not have health insurance.
I was ineligible or declined the vaccine when it was first offered but I would now like to get it. Where can I sign up for a clinic?
  • Each MENTOR Network-sponsored clinic site is offering three clinics. If you did not sign up for the first one, please contact the local vaccine coordinator that reached out to you initially and let them know that you would like to participate in the second and third clinics.
I had side effects from the vaccine and needed to take a sick day. Do I get sick pay for time taken off for side effects?
You may use accrued paid time off if you aren’t able to work due to vaccine side effects. 
I live with someone that is eligible for the vaccine. Can I bring them with me to get vaccinated at my onsite clinic?
  • Unfortunately at this time we cannot coordinate vaccine appointments for anyone who is not an employee, Mentor, or individual served by the organization.
  • Review updates from your state to review who is eligible to receive vaccines in your state and vaccination locations.
I was registered for a clinic but missed my appointment. Can I join the next one?

You may be able to join a clinic in your area. Contact your local vaccine clinic coordinator and inform them of your missed appointment and that you would like to be included in the follow up clinic. They will let you know whether you can be added to the next clinic.

I can no longer get the vaccine on the day I was scheduled to. What do I do?
  • Let your local vaccine clinic coordinator know as soon as possible so that your spot can be offered to another employee, Mentor or individual we serve.
  • Your vaccine clinic coordinator will also provide guidance on when you may be able to get rescheduled if additional clinics are being offered.

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The MENTOR Network’s COVID-19 protocols and safety practices are based on recommendations of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), local public health agencies and our internal COVID-19 Task Force. You can find the latest updates from the CDC here

Last updated: 1/21/21