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Lucy Garadwey Winner, ANCOR 2018 Oregon Direct Support Professional of the Year
Lead Direct Support Professional, MENTOR Oregon

With MENTOR Oregon for two years, Lucy’s commitment to the individuals she serves is evident. When an individual she supported started choking while eating, Lucy calmly stepped in and ensured 911 was called and performed the Heimlich and back blows. She was able to dislodge the food while keeping the individual and everyone else calm.

“Lucy always shows respect and patience to bring about a solution and I believe this is why everyone on our team has built a genuine relationship with her. She is someone who jokes around and has a fun time with all but never forgets the responsibilities and commitment she has. The individuals that she serves always come first.” -Gavin McHale, Program Director, MENTOR Oregon

Lucy organized a birthday party for an individual she serves who really wanted a barbecue and invited his friends and staff from his home and his day program. She worked with the individuals to put together all the invitations and details of the party. Reflecting her outstanding leadership and commitment to the individual’s she serves, Lucy was recently promoted to Lead Direct Support Professional.