The MENTOR Network

Network Nightingale

Since 2011, The MENTOR Network has chosen a Network Nightingale—someone who receives support from The Network and has a passion for singing. We ask them to help honor our Ripple of Hope award recipients with a live vocal performance at the award ceremony.

Meet Our 2017 Network Nightingales

Thomas (top) and Nicholas Romero (bottom)

Twin brothers and Network Nightingales Thomas and Nicholas Romero receive support from Cole Vocational Services in California. In their free time, they use their talent to make a difference in their community.

Recently, Thomas and Nicholas sang at the AUT2RUN fundraiser to raise awareness and acceptance for children and adults with Autism and their families. They also lead songs for local elementary school children in their community and perform at other events throughout the year.

Thomas and Nicholas enjoy all types of music and play many instruments. It is their wish for the future to continue singing and making people feel happy.