The MENTOR Network


wordbubble_largerThe MENTOR Network is a national network of local providers. The testimonials below provide a snapshot of the partner organizations that have joined The Network through acquisition and share our mission of building relationships and enhancing lives.

Show-Me Health Care, Inc. (Missouri), acquired in 2014

As a small-business owner, deciding to sell my company was very difficult decision, but two qualities I looked for in a potential buyer was their ability to provide high-quality services and supports to my clients and their ability to take care of my employees. The Mentor Network accomplished both with their outstanding ability to recognize relationships as the key to continuity in both client supports and employee satisfaction. If you are looking to sell or partner with an outstanding organization, I highly recommend you consider The Mentor Network.

 Wayne Poston, president

Community Links (Michigan), acquired in 2013

I really appreciated the willingness to listen and continue the practices that worked for our clients. NeuroRestorative (a partner of The MENTOR Network) supported a strong transitional plan with an emphasis on communication with the staff; making it a positive environment for change.

Julie Smith, president and co-owner

Respect, Integrity and Acceptance, Inc. (Ohio), acquired in 2009

I had been searching for a good home for RIA and was thrilled to have found REM Ohio. REM Ohio provides an array of high-quality services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout the state. The services and supports RIA currently provides will continue without interruption and we have been working closely with leadership and staff at REM Ohio to ensure a safe and seamless transition.”

 Terry McVey, owner

CareMeridian, acquired in 2006

Partnering with The MENTOR Network was the most significant decision that we had to make. Naturally, we wanted to get the best deal possible, but that was only part of the calculus. We were adamant about preserving our mission, ensuring that our patients continued to get exceptional care, and keeping our staff motivated. We wanted to work with a group that had similar values and kept their word; a group that would be open to new ideas and equally committed to seeing us grow. From day one, The MENTOR Network has proven to be the partner for which we hoped.”

 Jim Ashby, CEO, who has remained in the same capacity
since his organization merged with The MENTOR Network